Somerset Global Solutions concentrates resources and efforts to ensure that organizations has a solid workforce, people looking for employment have opportunities, and companies have access to the best talent possible. We operate on the idea that human resources is more about building relationships and making the right connection, matching the companies and qualified candidates that share common ideas and needs.

Our staff has more than 30 years of combined experience, with backgrounds in recruiting, employee relations, corporate training, and human resource services. This is what allows us to provide more effective services and better pair people with companies. When it comes to labor, staffing, and employment solutions, we're the company to contact.

Management Team

Kathy Goodwin - Managing Partner                                                                      

Massiel Logan - Associate Director Human Resources                                                                   

Chris Racioppi - Director of Recruiting                                                                                                              

Bob Tackels - Sr. Director Business Development                                                                          

Aimee Coscarello - Managing Partner